Full Service Property Management

Barrymor Enterprises has been providing property management services for over 40 years to various clients throughout the private commercial real-estate sector.

Our property management division specializes in the management of self-storage facilities, industrial properties, office buildings and commercial condominium associations. Our hands on approach to property management of our own commercial properties is the cornerstone to our property management services for all of our clients.

We offer a variety of property management solutions to satisfy every client’s needs. Our property management division can offer onsite staffing of your property on a daily or weekly basis to handle all your day to day maintenance. We also can offer our full-service accounting and bookkeeping services to include rent billing and rent collection, contract negotiation, contract administration, and accounts payable. The size of our property management division allows us to negotiate for your benefit the lowest vendor costs which are passed on to you in the form of reduced costs to you.  Our accounting and bookkeeping services provide the owner with detailed accounting reports and monthly bank statements to ensure that our financial responsibility is maintained to the highest level. Our financial services provide the owner and their accountant with monthly, quarterly and yearly budget and actual reports on both the projected income and expense as well as all the actual income and expense.

We can also bill and collect any capital or replacement reserves as well as provide the owner with construction management supervision of all capital improvements including any emergency repairs that may be required. Our team can evaluate your property and give you a detailed list of future capital projects that may be required along with the estimated cost. Our a-la-carte property management approach allows you the owner to decide how much of your time you want to spend managing your property.

Let our team of professional property managers provide you with a low cost solution for all your property management needs leaving you free to pursue other ventures or just collect the income of a landlord without any of the headaches.